New Products

Comando R

Comando R’ is a luxury product with current reports and national and international research. The best tradition of action reporting is adapted to the most innovative visual and narrative techniques.

For this we have the national elite of war audiovisual journalism such as David Beriaín, who has narrated in first person the main armed conflicts of the last decade; Hernán Zin, International Award of the TV Academy in 2010; Alberto Arce, who has more than 20 international awards for his work in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan; in addition to top photojournalists such as Walter Astrada, winner of three World Press Photo awards. The best team of reporters dares to report from the heart of the conflict, wherever it may be.

El Show de Jerónimo

The Jerome Show is a family football magazine. Its presenter is Jerónimo, an animated donkey who, accompanied by a co-presenter, teaches with humour and creativity curiosities about the world of football. It is a format that brings together the whole family in front of the television, children and adults, to enjoy the sport more often on television.

During 30 minutes, we present curious facts, little known or very well known, but looked at from another perspective. It is the bet of Medina Media for the use of the new technologies of the virtual world applied to television in order to entertain the whole family in a different way.

La Copeta

La Copeta’ is amagacín contest broadcasted on Aragón TV. It is a new television format that shows the essence of the ‘wink’, the card game known as the “Olympic sport” of Aragon.

La Copeta’ is an exciting tournament with commented games and the best participants from all corners of Aragon. An elegant, dynamic and interactive program to discover in family the history of this traditional game.

Centinelas de la Historia

‘Centinelas de la Historia’ is a series of adventures for the whole family. It is a humorous docufiction produced by Lobomedia and distributed by Medina Media. In an entertaining and amusing way, ‘Centinelas de la Historia’ divulges science from a humorous perspective but keeping the historical rigor.

Through this series we will learn how the greatest milestones in science were on the verge of not happening because of the interference of a ‘black hand’, but which were made possible thanks to the ‘Sentinels of History’.


Five Riders, five challenges, five goals to achieve… and a single goal: to be the best. Riders’ is a sports and adventure magazine. Five outstanding Riders from all over Spain will fight in and out of the snow to become the best.

Each week we show the shocking images of three almost impossible challenges of these freestyle ‘madmen’ and reveal the opinion each of them has about their opponents. Through social networks viewers decide which Rider is the best.

Home Sweet Hotel

‘Home Sweet Hotel’ is a docureality in which every week two families compete to get the holidays of their dreams. To do this, they have to transform their homes into hotels and serve very demanding guests. At the end of their stay, they will be valued for their comfort, service and entertainment.

Host families will become hotel employees for one night and will have to put up with the whims of the guests, who can range from a group of boy scouts to very fancy tourists.

At the end of each chapter, only one of the two families will be able to embark on the journey of their dreams after making every effort to make their home look like a five-star hotel.